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Belonging at Pepperdine

At Pepperdine, we know our Christian heritage compels every community member to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly (Micah 6:8). Doing justice requires us to treat every human being with fairness, respect and compassion. Loving kindness means that we seek to help each other as best we can, value each others’ God-given gifts,  and address each other with love, respect, and empathy—assuming the best of intentions. Walking humbly means as beneficiaries of God’s love and grace, we should exemplify that grace and love toward each other by putting others ahead of ourselves. Our humility should help us discern that we all grow through hearing and reflecting upon viewpoints, academic disciplines, and cultures that diverge from ours.

Honoring God’s direction provides our best opportunity to discern God’s truth. When we do this, we exemplify and promote a sense of belonging at Pepperdine, which is critical for enabling all Waves to live, work, and study in an environment where they are prepared to pursue excellent lives of purpose, service, and leadership.




Highlights and Events

Highlights, updates, events, media, recommendations, and accomplishments in the areas of diversity, equity, and community belonging. For questions and feedback, please contact belonging@pepperdine.edu.

Community Belonging Concern

If you have a concern you would like the Office for Community Belonging to address, please let us know.