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Welcome to the Center for Faith and Learning

Speaker lecturing during a CFL event

George Pepperdine believed that a Christian education should help students learn not merely "how to make a living," but "how to live." While such goals are pursued in many ways, research demonstrates that university students and alumni identify classroom experiences and relationships with faculty as primary influences on both their professional and personal development during the college years. For Ƶ, this illustrates the importance of continually nurturing a healthy and organic symmetry between the academic and religious dimensions of the University mission.

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Since 1999, the Pepperdine Center for Faith and Learning (CFL) has been a primary catalyst for the pursuit of integrating the University's commitment to Christian faith with its pursuit of academic excellence.

CFL works to equip faculty in incorporating the integration of faith and learning in their teaching, scholarship, and life. Additionally, CFL provides opportunities for students, staff, administration, and the broader Pepperdine community to explore the intersections of faith and learning through various events and activities. With the support of faculty, staff, and alumni, students at Pepperdine have the opportunity to explore their vocations and to pursue programs that integrate faith and learning. 

The Center for Faith and Learning frequently collaborates with other departments at the University to contribute to Pepperdine's wider goals around spiritual life and formation.





Meet the Staff

John Barton  

Dr. John Barton

Director, Center for Faith and Learning
Professor of Teaching of Religion


Thornton Administrative Center (TAC) 100





Jennifer Smith


Dr. J.A.T. Smith

Associate Provost
Associate Director, Center for Faith and Learning
Associate Professor of English


Cultural Arts Center (CAC) 103E





John Peterson


Dr. John Peterson

Associate Director, Center for Faith and Learning
Associate Professor of English


Cultural Arts Center (CAC) 305





Stephanie Cupp


Stephanie Cupp

Program Administrator


Thornton Administrative Center (TAC) 100